Food Ingredients

Innovative and natural ingredients that add taste, function, color and texture to your application. We have a large selection of Natural Ingredients.


Our flavourists tailor aromas according to taste and application. We have flavours for all types of product categories: beverages, snacks, ready meals, bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, nutrition and pharmaceuticals, etc.

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FTNF Flavours

FTNF / FTNS flavours (From The Named Fruit / Source) are Natural concentrates of the flavour of a specific fruit or berry. The most common uses for these types of flavors are in products where the natural and complex flavour of fresh fruits or berries has been lost during production, usually due to heat treatment. In these cases, the FTNF / FTNS aromas can give back and enhance the characteristic of the specific flavour.

This type of flavour can be used for example in beverages, confectionery, ice cream and bakery products. FTNF / FTNS flavours can also be used in juices, jams and juices where “common” flavours cannot be added.

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Natural distillate & extract

Natural extracts are produced from different raw materials through specific extraction and distillation processes. 100% Pure and Natural provenance driven ingredients from a sustainable source and fully traceable. For example, Vanilla extract from Madagascar or Lemon extract from the Amalfi coast. We develop innovative flavour concepts for a variety of applications.

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Sugar reduction

We offer a new generation “natural flavour system” designed to replace sugar in food and beverages by intensifying flavour, enhancing mouthfeel and boosting natural sweetness, enabling sugar reduction up to 30% with the advantage of:

  • retaining the indulgent taste and mouthfeel of sucrose
  • having a quick onset, no bitterness and no lingering aftertaste
  • minimal calorie contribution
  • containing 100% Natural flavour materials
  • providing clean label declaration of “Natural Flavouring”


Hydrolyzed collagen has shown positive health effects in Scientific studies. Hydrolyzed collagen fits well in Nutrition and Health products. It is easily soluble in liquids, hot as cold, and provides a clear final product with a neutral taste and scent.

Hydrolyzed gelatine has a protein content of 90% and can be used as protein additive in most types of products. It is an easily soluble powder and neutral in taste and scent.


Gelatine is a thickener used as a gelling agent, stabilizer and emulsifier.

We offer different grades of gelatine with selectable particle sizes and gel strengths. We also have Halal and Kosher certified gelatine.

Organic vegetable oils & butters

We offer a wide range of organic certified food grade vegetable fats and oils.

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We have a wide range of food grade Natural and Synthetic colours. These can be customized according to your application. The availability of plant extracts with different colours also makes it possible to colour Organic products. The colours are available in liquid form, powder, granules and pastes.

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