Personal Care

Fragrances and innovative functional ingredients for cosmetic products.


We have all sorts of fragrances for different applications and segments;

Eau de toilette – hair care – skin care – body care – soap – scented candles

We can provide a suitable fragrance to your product and we ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.
If needed, we offer fragrances that are conform to Ecolabelling and Cosmos.

Read more about Regulatory Affairs & Product Safety (PDF)

Botanical extracts and functional ingredients

We have a wide selection of Botanical extracts, Floral, waters, Fruit waters and Natural functional ingredients.
A wide selection are available as Organic.

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Vegetable Squalane, Lanolin, Oils and Butter

We offer a variety of natural oils, waxes and butters as well as Lanolin. These materials have unique softening properties and they contain beneficial essential fatty acids that enrich skin and hair care products.

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Essential oils

We offer a wide range of essential oils, some of them are available as organic.

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Exfoliating products

We offer natural exfoliators from natural sources such as coconut, cocoa beans, apricot kernels or berries and fruits. The exfoliators are available in different sizes. We have a natural alternative to PSE-beads; Celluloscrub.  Celluloscrub is 100% biodegradable and available in different sizes and colors.

Read Exfoliator catalogue (PDF)

Active Ingredients

We have a selection of natural active ingredients with documented effect. They strengthen and protect the skin.

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Healthyskin (PDF)
Marine ingredients (PDF)

Natural stabilizing agents

We have natural stabilizing agents for emulsions. Examples of products are Bentonite (Vanatural), Xanthan Gum and Magnesium Aluminum Silicate (Veegum).

Read more about Veegum and Vanatural (PDF)

Aloe Vera

AloeVera gel juice – spray or freeze dried – of the highest quality. Also available as organic.

Innovaloe AVG 200:1 spray-dried
Innovaloe AVG 200:1 spray-dried organic
Innovaloe AVG 200:1 freeze-dried

Decorative flowers

Add a piece of nature to your product and let it flourish.

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Natural and synthetic colours in liquid form, powder, granules or pasta.

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