We support you with fragrance, flavour and innovative ingredients.

Contact us if you need our assistance in a project or if you wish to know more about the latest trends.

Personal Care
We make sure that your products have the right scent for the concept. Many of our fragrances and ingredients meet the requirements for Ecolabelling and Cosmos

We have functional ingredients and fragrances that are conform to Eco labeling.

Food Ingredients
We offer ingredients that add taste, function, color and texture to your application.  We have a large selection of natural ingredients.

Company profile

Parfusale is a family run company that has operated in the business for more than 50 years. We are the Scandinavian partner to several international manufacturers of raw materials for the food industry and the cosmetic- and household industry. We act as a link between producers of raw materials in Europe and the manufacturing industry in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.  We assist in the development of new products and support in regulatory matters. We have good knowledge of the market and trends in different segments.


Professional support

We have access to many experts who can assist in different matters; perfumers, flavorists, application technicians and regulatory experts.

Our local market knowledge is supported by international expertise with knowledge of global trends.


Parfusale work with companies in the Nordic- and Baltic countries; smaller manufacturers and large multinational companies. To act fast and to be flexible is important to us. We always have the best interest of our customers in mind.